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Santa-Maria 6 - 4 bedroom apartment

Santa-Maria 6 - 4 bedroom apartment
From €1690.00 / d
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Santa-Maria 1 - spacious semi-detached 4 bedroom apartment.

4Bedrooms+ kitchen + sauna + upstair loft area 103m² + terrace with glass windows 13m²

Santa Maria apartments are ideal choice for group of 12 persons. All apartments have  12beds + 3 extra beds and cot. Dishes for 15 persons.

  • Price includes 7 persons.
  • Price of extra persons is 40€/person/day.
  • Children under 5 years are no charge.
  • Linen, towels and final cleaning are not included

Linen+ towels €15/person ( delivered, beds are not made)

Final cleaning €150

Approximate rental prices: ( Please ask a quote)

Weeks 1,  25, 52 - 53 350.00€/night, 2450€/week

Weeks 14 - 17, 39 - 41, 43, 46 - 51 284.00€/night, weekend +40.00€/night, 1688€/week

Weeks 2 - 13, 18 - 38, 42, 44 - 45: 300.00€/night, weekend +40.00€/night, 1800€/week

Santa Maria apartments have plenty of room space and large covered terrace with a view over the lake. Spacious accommodation is comfortable for large group of visitors.

Santa Maria apartments have 12 beds + 3 extra beds and a cot. Dishes for 15 persons. Price includes 7 persons, extra persons no more than 8. Price of extra persons is 35 €/person/day. Children under 5 years are no charge.

Enjoy your stay in Santa Maria

It's pleasant to spend time in glass terrace. The outdoor terrace also has a barbecue. Families with small children have been considered in terrace planning. Terraces are equipped with a fence and a port with lock. Thus smallest members of the family can use the terrace as a playground. Customers are responsible for locking by them self.

Outside terrace has gas grill.

The apartments have air-conditioning and cool-air-system.

In planning holiday apartments, Kullasmarina is also paid attention to customers which have physical disabilities. Doorway sizes are planned for passing with a wheelchair and every holiday apartment is equipped with a slide. There are bedrooms in first floor in larger apartments.

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